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Jinora curled up near the boy and reached out a hand to pet Pabu. “You’re too fast. You won’t lose me.” She smiled back at him. “I’m Jinora. Now you hafta tell me yours!” Her smile grew and she continued to run a hand along the fire ferret’s fur. It was nice, being able to play with someone like this.

He grinned boyishly.  “I’m Bolin! And you’ve already met Pabu, my best friend in the whole world.  He’s all I got when Mako’s gone.  He’s the softest, smartest, awesomest little guy I’ve ever met.”  Pabu and Bolin began chattering back and forth and Bolin laughed. “He says your name is pretty!  He’s nice like that.”

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// LOL isn’t the servant a girl xD

He nodded at Bolin’s theory, listening intently, before responding, “I don’t think we should interrogate Tarrlok… he’ll probably send us in a rabbit hole… he seems like a guy who can wheel himself away from anything and have a crowd of people root for him.”

((WHAT?! He sounds like one but looks like a man!  I thought it was some sort of emasculated manservant!  Bahahahha!))

Bolin thought for a moment. “He doesn’t have to know we know.  We need to dig underground for some information.  You never know, we might be able to find the unnoticed ears and eyes of the city.  Someone must know something… Or what else could we do?  If you were trying to hide someone where would you take them?”

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“Well, when I was younger I was sick often,” she muttered, smoothing out at the faded blanket below, “I used to feel so weak, so helpless. My parents would have to watch me often, reading to me, caring for me all the time. Their patience, dedication and love was endless, but sometimes I felt like I was draining them of the happy life they deserved. We could rarely travel, and I my mother had to give up her social life for a while. Finally, one night my guilt became too much. It was my sister’s birthday, but instead of sitting at the table with her, eating fruit pie and drinking lychee juice my father was soothing me as I panted, smothered by a brutal fever. It hurt, even more than the pain of my illness, to see my parents always torn away, disconnected from the joyous moments in our family.”

Jinora blushed, embarrassed to be telling such a personal story to a boy she knew so little, but his curious face encouraged her to continue. “So with all of my strength I lied to him, I convinced him I was fine. I told him I just needed a few minutes to myself, then I would meet them back in the dining room. Eventually he left me, though he was still concerned, to return to Ikki’s birthday celebration. It was then I decided I would run away, it was dark, raining, and I was very weak. I knew I wouldn’t make it through the night, and…and I thought that my parents lives would be easier without me-” The airbender was interrupted by the outburst of shock from the Bolin. He’s going to think I’m crazy. I knew I shouldn’t have told him this, she thought, her cheeks flushing. “I-I’m sorry, you don’t want to hear this story, what was I thinking?” she stuttered, trying to fill the silence.

Bolin listened attentively to Jinora.  To have someone tell him such a personal story, it was a refreshing change to be taken seriously.  He never thought someone who had grown up somewhere so similar to paradise could feel so much turmoil at such a young age.  As she moved further in her story, he cried out when she mentioned almost ending her life.  He could tell his reaction hurt her but he realized she misunderstood.

"No, no.  It’s good that you’re telling me this, I mean, not that it’s a good thing, but it is good to be able to tell someone.  You’re a living story, Jinora, and after all… who doesn’t love stories?"  He laughed a little, and pulled her into a big bear hug. "Whatever happened, I’m glad you’re still here.  It’s hard to know how precious life is until…" he sighed, "you lose someone yourself.  You never know who’s going to need you in your life.  Your parents definitely need you. I mean, technically the world needs you- you’re 1/4 of the entire airbending population!"  He grinned at her as he finally let her out of his embrace.  "Will you finish your story?"

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